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Nightmare Fuel High Octane >___

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Mar. 22nd, 2009 | 08:38 pm
location: Chair, trying to resist the urge to look behind me
mood: scared scared
music: "Mad World" -Gary Jules


If you brats didn't like this movie so much then Rock You Super Pets would never have made a Frank costume for you brats to use. And if they'd never made it I would never have had to have it randomly pop up in my battle arena and scare the ever-living crap out of me and nearly give me a heart-attack startle me.

Oh God I can barely look at it. D= It's creepy even in chibi form. ;~~; It watches me sleep, I know it! DO.NOT.WANT!... >_<

Fears Survey from Quizopolis.com

What are your fears? - Vomit (doing it myself, witnessing it, thinking about it... yuck). Stairs where theres a gap between one step at the next, I always fear a hand will pop out between the slats and grab my ankle. >_< I hate frogs. That's not really a fear, I just hate the thought of them hopping on me.
What movies scare you? - Donnie Darko and the Exorcist. The Exorcist -not- for Regan when she's possessed, but that scary white face (Panzu or something?) that they randomly show. D= And Donnie Darko because Frank scares the -SHIT- out of me! >___< Other than that, none. (My fears are totally irrational XD)
Are you afraid to die? - Not at all. The thought of being in a lot of pain/being tortued during the process of dying is scary, but I'm not at all afraid to die.
Do you fear the dark? - No. Can't live very well in the middle of nowhere and be afraid of the dark! XD
Do you fear GOD? - No
Do you fear losing your job? - Not this one, but if I had a really well-paying, good job I'd be scared to death even if I was the best employee ever. Just because I'm paranoid.
Do you fear losing your child? - No. I don't have any and don't really want any. If I accidentally got knocked up losing it would be a -blessing-
Are you afraid to speak up? - Not so much afraid as I usually don't bother because I hate confrontation. When the situation really merits it, I have no qualms confronting people. Unless they're family, in which case YES I fear it.
Are you afraid to fight? - Physically? No. I'm sure I could take ya! XD
What is the animal you are most afraid of? - Frogs? They're slimy and jumpy =(
What is the worst situation you are afraid of? - Being trapped in a room with Frank and Panzu... just having them stare at me. D=
What is the worst phobia you are terrified of? - Vomiting >___< I get very paranoid about vomit (why I don't drink or care to be around people who have had more than one or two). I haven't thrown up since I was 9 and don't intend to do it again EVER. I'd sooner die.
Are you afraid to speak in public? - Not at all. I'm a good public-speaker =3
Are you afraid to be responsible? - No.
Do you fear the law/ Police? - No.
Do you fear your parents? - Kinda. My dad makes me very nervous and I hate being around him. I fear disappointing my mother, but that's not the same thing.
Which person on this earth do you fear the most? - ...
Are you afriad to stand up for yourself? - I don't know if it's a fear so much as I just don't usually bother. It's not worth the drama.
Do you fear the Devil? - Yes.
Are you afraid of your Spouse/ Boyfriend/Girlfriend leaving you? - I'm single. And when I'm dating I do the leaving when I sense that they might be wanting to leave.
Are you afraid of Divorce? - Single.
Do you fear guns? - No.
Are you afraid of War? - No.
Would you be afraid to fight Mike Tyson? - Lol, I'd bite him!
Would you be afraid to serve time in the pen? - Uh... Maybe?

Take This Survey at Quizopolis.com

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